College Development Committee

Overseeing strategic governance and fostering institutional growth for an enriched educational environment.

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri Ajabraoji M. Watile Chairman (Society)
2 Dr. Shital A. Watile Secretary (Society)
3 Dr. Vijay G. Neve Member (HOD)
4 Prof. Amol B. Dhumne Member (Teacher)
5 Prof. Prachi R. Patil Member (Teacher)
6 Prof. P. D. Thakare Member (Teacher)
7 Shri. Akash N. Darne Member (Non –Teaching Staff)
8 Prof. M. D. Kitukale Member (Education Field)
9 Shri. A. J. Bramhankar Member (Industrial Field)
10 Dr. M. V. Sarode Member (Research Field)
11 Er. Pawan A. Watile Member (Social Service)
12 Mr. Shrikant D. Kale Member (IQAC Coordinator)
13 Mr. K. H. Pendle Member (Student Council)
14 Dr. Vijay L. Bhambere Member Secretary, Principal
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