Anti Ragging Committee

As per AICTE notification F.  No. 37-3/Legal/AICTE/2009 6(a) for prevention and prohibition of Ragging in Technical institute, following Anti Ragging committee has been reconstituted by the institute. It shall be the duty of Anti Ragging committee to ensure compliance with the provision of these regulation as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning Ragging, and also to monitor Anti Ragging squad in prevention of Ragging in institute. The Composition Anti Ragging committee are as follows


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. V. L. Bhambere Chairman
2 Dr. V. G. Neve Member Secretary
3 Mr. Vikas Khase Member Representative of police
4 Mr. Sanjay Hajare Member Civil Person
5 Dr. Chetan Darne Member NGO
6 Mr. Ajay Gawande Member Media Person
7 Mr. Hemkant Shridhar Upadhay Member Parent of Student
8 Mr. Dilip Laxman Mandewad Member Parent of Student
9 Mr. V. R. Thakare Member Faculty
10 Mr. A. B. Dhumne Member Faculty
11 Member Faculty Member Faculty
12 Mr. Akash N. Darne Member (Non-Teaching Faculty)
13 Mr. Kartik Zite Senior Student Representative
14 Mr. Gaurav Shrivastav Senior Student Representative
15 Mr. Gaurav Dipak Gadekar First Year Student Representative
16 Ms. Nikita Ananta Hage First Year Student Representative
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