Internal Committee (IC)

In the view of Gender Sensitization, Prevention &Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees, Students & Redressal of Grievances in Technical Institutions. The Institute had constituted the internal Committee.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Ms. Nita K. Choukade Presiding Officer/Chairman
2 Ms. Sneha K. Khodke Female Teacher Member
3 Ms. Pragati M. Naktode Female Teacher Member
4 Mr. Kautubh N. Kalaspurkar Male Teacher Member
5 Mrs. Smita R. Vyas Female Non-Teaching Member
6 Mr. Akash N. Darne Male Non-Teaching Member
7 Ms. Purva Petewar ( Final Year Computer Engineering) Female Student Member
8 Ms. Laxmikaran Udawat (Final Year Electrical Engineering) Female Student Member
9 Ms. Rasika Shahakar (Third Year E&TC Engineering) Female Student Member
10 Mr. Gaurav Nimje (Third Year Mechanical Engineering) Male Student Member
11 Dr. Chetan Darne NGO Representative & Medical Counsellor

Contact Details:

Sr. No. Name of Committee Member Position Mobile No Email ID
1 Ms. N. K. Choukade Presiding Officer/Chairman 9665813156
2 Mrs. M. A. Pardey Co-ordinator 9763702591
3 Mr. M. P. Chavhan Deputy Co-ordinator 8805543301
4 Dr. Chetan Darne NGO Representative & Medical Counsellor 8379827699
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