Alumni are graduates who maintain lifelong ties to their alma mater, contributing to its community and supporting its growth.


Alumni are individuals who have graduated from an educational institution and continue to maintain a connection with their alma mater. This lifelong association often includes participating in networking events, fundraising efforts, and offering mentorship to current students. Alumni play a crucial role in supporting their institution by contributing to its growth, sharing their professional experiences, and fostering a sense of community. They may also receive various benefits and services from the institution, enhancing their professional and personal development. Through their ongoing involvement, alumni help preserve and enrich the legacy and traditions of their educational institution.

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Nitin Jadhao
Se-Zest Solution (Software Engineer)
Attending Jagadambha College Of Engineering and Technology has been an incredible experience! The faculty are dedicated and supportive, providing excellent guidance throughout my academic journey. The campus facilities are top-notch, creating an ideal environment for learning and growth. I'm grateful for the diverse community of students and the friendships I've formed here. Thank you, Jagadambha College Of Engineering and Technology, for shaping me into the person I am today.
Pranav Amrute
Software Engineer @HCLTech Nagpur
I am Pranav Amrute, 2022-23 passout Department of Computer Engineering JCOET, Yavatmal. Currently working with HCLTech, Nagpur as a Software Developer. During my time at JCOET, I was privileged to experience exceptional support from our Computer Engineering Department and College. The faculties provided invaluable guidance and encouraged us at every stage. The technical events like Coding Club, Coding Compitition help me a lot to gain confidence in my skillset.
Jayesh Satpute
Software Engineer @HCLTech Nagpur
Jagadambha College of Engineering and Technology, Yavatmal, provided me with an enriching platform to explore myself and excel in my field of Computer Engineering. The college's commitment to nurturing students extended beyond academics, fostering growth in communication skills and offering unwavering support at every stage of my journey. Moreover, I am grateful for the invaluable friendships forged during my time at the institution, contributing to a vibrant and supportive community.
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